I would like to introduce myself to all Georgians in our Great State. I am Darrell McGuire a 21 year resident. I have worked hard all my life. I started out after graduating High School by enlisting in United States Marine Corp (USMC) where I attained the Rank of Staff Sergeant. While in the Marine Corp I received multiple awards and citations for work and deployments throughout the world. Most notable I was assigned to the Presidential Helicopter Squadron (HMX1) in support of aircraft readiness during the Ronald Reagan Presidency. I was forward deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of the liberation of Kuwait. I participated in Joint Task Force Full Accounting (JTFA) in search of MIAs and POWs lost during the Vietnam War throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. After 17 plus years in the Marine on both active duty and reserve I took some time out to explore the civilian work force. I started out as Jailer for the Hamilton Co. Sheriff’s Office in Chattanooga TN while attending Chattanooga Community and Technical College. I would work at night and go to school during the day. I received a welding certificate upon graduation. A few months later I applied for a position as a Police Officer for the City of Ft. Ogelthorpe Georgia. Upon graduation from the Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Mandated Academy I went to work for the City of Ft. Ogelthorpe. I resigned from my possession after 2 ½ years to pursue a career in welding. This lasted for approximately 6 months. I had what is referred to as blue light fever. I longed for the camaraderie I had felt in the Marine Corp and Police Department. I returned to work for the City of Ft. Ogelthorpe Police Department. I worked there for 1 ½ years while seeking out a better paying Police job. I found and accepted a position with the City of McDonough Georgia as a Police Officer. I applied for the Georgia State Patrol while working for McDonough PD. After a year had passed the State Patrol extend me an opportunity to become a Georgia State Trooper. I accepted and left McDonough PD. I felt a renewed camaraderie with the Georgia State Patrol and began a whole new carrier as a Trooper. I never looked back and aggressively patrolled my assigned area with the Georgia State Patrol core values of trust, fortitude, compassion and professionalism with respect to the citizens of the State of Georgia along with those passing through our state.

I recall being at the hospital picking up my mother after a medical procedure and saw the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. I immediately felt the need to return to the Marine Corp to support what would be the war on terror. After a few attempts to return to active duty and being told I was too old or would have to start well below the previous rank I held I decided to sideline this idea. As the war continued I had a burning feeling inside to join my brothers and sisters fighting for the American way of life. I joined the Army National Guard on the advice of a close personal friend. Shortly after joining the Army National Guard I was forward deployed to Iraq (OIF) in support of America’s war on terror. Upon coming home I returned to work with the Patrol. In the following year I again forward deployed to Afghanistan (OEF). Upon return from this deployment I spent a few months in the wounded warrior program recovering from minor injuries. I returned to work in the Patrol and went on to become a General Instructor, Driving Instructor, Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and LIDAR/RADAR instructor. I have attended numerous leadership schools and trained several women and men while they attended Georgia State Patrol Academy. I am well respected by my peers and leadership. Near the end of my career I was assigned the duties as a Recruiter and Intox 9000 area supervisor in support of the States alcohol breath testing program. I have spoke many young women and men as individuals and in auditoriums. I have trained both cadets and current active Troopers. As you can see I have served most of my life. I had an epiphany after hearing Senator Johnny Isackson was stepping down from his Senate seat and believe whole heartedly that God has called me serve as your next US Senator. I am Pro GOD, guns, and life. I would like to work across the board and find a way to provide an affordable health care program that would not be run by the US Government and find something to help Vets tied up with the VA red tape to get medical care in a through and timely manner. I hate politics and I’m in line with Republican Conservative values. I will so help me God make your voice know on the hill in DC. Georgians you are my special interest group. Take few minutes out of your day and give me a look. I want to support you in Washington DC. God bless you all and thanks for looking on my web site.